Rabu, 06 November 2013

Python Developer Job Vacancy at PT. Polatic

We are building the future of advertising through interactive human technology. We just expanded to Jakarta from Singapore. We are currently working on some international projects. And we looking for global target market.

We love collaboration, hardworking, craftmanship and of course we love computers.

If you have capabilities in:

  1. Building website using Django 1.4 / 1.5
  2. Able to write test-cases
  3. Able to write UI test using Lettuce
  4. Have experience in using : Git, Django South, Virtualenv
  5. Read and write code in English

Please hit us, because we are hiring.

Your responsibilites:

  1. Building Django Application
  2. Writing unit-test and UI test
  3. Writing documentation
  4. Maintenance and upgrading existing Django app
  5. Integrate with 3rd systems (Payment Gateway, Tracking, API)

Don't have enough experience? We are opening door for you! We provide "pair programming" with senior programmer to improve your skills and knowledge.

Please drop us your CV at hi@polatic.com

Source: Python ID mailing list

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