Jumat, 02 September 2016

Business Intelligence Analyst at Go-Jek

Job description:

  • working with several large and complex SQL databases
  • implement the overall analytics and business intelligence strategy
  • identify opportunities to develop forecasts, statistical models, segmentation schemes, and data-driven analysis to drive marketing or product team around customer acquisition and conversion
  • work with business users (especially: marketing team, product manager, operations team, and talent empowerment) to identify information needs and develop automated reporting
  • partner with the technology teams to deliver a stable and highly available reporting platform


  • highly analytical data junkie who enjoys coding - but doesn't want to be a software engineer
  • familiar with Python/ R and SQL
  • analytical, creative, and innovative approach to solving problems
  • strong written and verbal communication
  • fast learner (especially for new programming language, analytical tools, or machine learning methods)
  • 1-2 years working experience

Please send your CV to luqman.hidayat@go-jek.com. Or if you guys have something to ask regarding this position, just PM me. :)

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